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Journal Writing - Chronic Pain

Pain is a common word used in my vocabulary. Whether I'm writing in my journal or blog, it seems that the word pain is included. Can you relate?

I started writing about my pain during my last year of high school. I used words like "a tingling sensation, numbness, and sharp" to describe how the pain felt in my feet. I even wrote about the deep struggles I was facing emotionally. I didn't understand how I went from being a healthy teenager to living in severe pain.

When I started writing more at the end of high school, I felt discouraged because I didn't see hope. I didn't see how my life would get better. Instead, I felt that my future would include only pain, depression, and a disability. I pictured a future without joy as my pain quickly worsened. It was as if a shadow was in front of my face, and I couldn't see the light.

Now, I see those several pages of pain representing the suffering. I'm learning that the pain doesn't define who I am. It may be part of my life, and most likely will progress, but I'm on a different journey. I'm discovering what helps me. Through prayer and reaching out to others, I'm reminded that I am not going through this alone.

What I will sharing is something I wrote in my journal. These words represent how the pain feels in my life. It might not be your experience, but I hope you will know that we all face some form of suffering. Everyone's story is different. Every chapter in our lives is not the same. Sharing the seasons of pain and pushing forward is what can bring us together.

"Chronic Pain" by Katerina

Chronic pain is the endless amount of no relief.

It's the sharp, burning, tingling, or ache

That continues through the day.

There are sleepless nights and worries for the future.

And having to face the day in an unknown state.

Even as chronic pain is all of these things,

It's learning to accept the pain,

Trusting in God,

And moving forward,

That helps a person to make it through.

Inspirational Songs

Even If - MercyMe

Scars - I Am They

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