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Writing Journey

I didn’t always write about chronic pain.

As a young girl, I dreamed of becoming a published author. The stories I plotted were about friendships, horses, or adventures. I even created illustrations and shared some of them with my family. Most of the inspiration came from the books I read or the afternoons I spent outdoors.

This dream began to shift when I entered high school. I didn’t have the confidence or longing to grow in this passion because of time spent in other passions. I struggled with comparison and even the confidence on where to start. I was journaling as a way to cope with depression and then later chronic pain.

As I turn through those pages, I still see this girl who hasn’t completely lost her dream of becoming a writer. Yes, it may feel different because of health challenges. But, I believe God has blessed me with this passion for a reason. If it wasn’t for my chronic pain, I’m not sure I would have found my voice of being comfortable with sharing publicly.

Sharing my writing on my blog was the first step towards this journey. While ideas are stirring in my heart on writing projects or books, I am going to wait for the right time. I’m entering another chapter, a new season, and I know the Lord must have more in store for me with this passion.


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