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Journal Writing - In The Silence

Have you noticed the stillness and quiet a late-night brings? There may be chaos during the day, but late at night can feel peaceful. Maybe you have experienced late nights with high levels of stress or pain. I know this is what I experience. I go through several nights of restless sleep. I will lay awake praying that my body will begin to relax and falling asleep is possible. But, what I have discovered is that in these late nights, ideas for writing begin to unravel.

After praying recently, I decided to give you more of a glimpse of what I have written in my journals. Writing in journals has allowed me to process any form of suffering. It’s like a safe place I can turn to in the uncertainty.

"In the Silence" is a short writing on thoughts of a quiet night, being afraid, and comfort from the Lord. During a late-night last year, these words came to mind. Like many nights I was struggling with pain. The kind of chronic pain that brings you to tears. And the sort of pain that needs a distraction. Before I tried sleeping again, I opened a notebook near my bedside and began writing.

What brought inspiration came from memories of my childhood and the nights it was harder to sleep. As a young child, I was afraid of the dark. I needed the comfort of the light. A light down the hallway of my childhood home helped. The light allowed me to fall asleep without being afraid.

Over time I had grown out of that fear. I no longer needed that light in the hallway to bring me comfort. I remembered that God was always there protecting me. There was no reason to be afraid of the dark. This memory came to mind when I realized that many of us struggle with feeling afraid. Fears of pain, illness, and loss can come when we least expect it.

There may be long sleepless nights, but peace and comfort can come from it. We need to continue looking towards God and remember that He will never leave our side.

"In The Silence" by Katerina

Peace, the soft silence of peace that is surrounding the atmosphere.

When even in the distance, there is light.

Though the darkness is trying to creep in these walls,

God's love and grace are like a blanket that is covering me.

He is protecting me from the dark.

God is here in this moment.

In this place, I shouldn't be afraid.

For He is sending down angels from Heaven to protect

and is keeping me safe from danger

and harm in this place.

In the silence,

I will look to my Heavenly Father.

He will never leave me.

Inspirational Songs

You Speak - Audrey Assad.

Shelter - Vertical Worship

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