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Journal Writing - A Beautiful View

I have never been one to do well with hiking. Walking up a pathway that involved rocky grounds was a challenge. My body would feel tired. If it happened to be on a warm day, my legs would feel weak. Don't get me wrong though, I still enjoyed the hikes I went on.

I always enjoyed the scenery of God's creation. As I walked up the hill or pathway, I would notice my surroundings. The trees were beautiful and strong. Sometimes the sun would be hidden beneath the clouds, providing coolness in the weather. There was also joy when having conversations with family or friends. But, the view, in my opinion, was the best part. There I would see mountains with trees, flowers, and vibrant colors. Everything was beautiful.

However, I still struggle with hiking.

One specific hike that comes to mind happened several years ago. I was in 8th grade when my youth group went camping. This was a week-long camp that involved fellowship, swimming, and hiking. During the walk, I felt tired. In each step, it became harder and harder to push through. But, I was determined to persevere and see the beautiful view at the end.

So, I did. I was able to make it past the physical exhaustion. When I stood at the top, I saw this beautiful view of the mountains. I felt strong instead of weak. I felt this determination to finish because of the encouragement from others.

Sometimes life feels this way. In your journey, you may be experiencing a mountain. This mountain may feel too high to climb, and the path leading to the top can feel exhausting.

You might experience bumps and bruises along the way, but I promise you there is a beautiful view at the top, one that is a reminder you are not facing this journey alone.

"A Beautiful View" by Katerina

This mountain.

It seems too high to climb.

The path is narrow and steep.

This road seems to have no end.

In every step, this mountain seems higher and further to reach.

The continuous pain is wearing me down.

At times I cannot keep going and want to give up.

There is a fear that the road will get hard if I journey on.

I'm tired and lacking in strength.

Will I find the strength to keep going?

Will I find relief from the moments of fear and sorrow?

Though I continue walking in what seems another path of suffering,

I'm not on this journey alone.

For the one who loves me, my savior, friend, and comforter,

He is there guiding me on.

He has been there with me in the nights of fear,

and what I'm going through today.

You see, there is something beautiful about mountains.

Even when the sorrow seems long,

and I feel tired to continue,

there is always a view at the top.

A beautiful view.

Inspiring Songs

Weary Traveler - Jordan St. Cyr

Remember to Remember - Steven Curtis Chapman

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1 Comment
Jan 19, 2022

Thanks for inspiring me to continue moving forward even when the journey is overwhelming. Lovely blog.

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