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Be Adventurous. But, Don't Forget The Sunblock

What did I learn from the summer? Well, to be adventurous.

But, here's the thing. I'm a planner. I like to pull out my phone (or notebook) and write down my schedule. I also like to be prepared for anything. Usually, I'm the one that sends out texts or asking questions about details for the event. And I'm the one with extra food and a notebook, and pen in my purse. While it's true that I do want to know the plan ahead of time, so I can come prepared, sometimes it's nice to be spontaneous. Especially when my school year has a routine.

During the summer, I started stepping outside of my usual weekly schedule. I explored my area. I spent evenings watching the sunset and went to the beach using a wheelchair pathway. I tried new coffee shops (no, I didn't get any coffee) and enjoyed conversations with friends. I went to different performances of dance, theater, and other events. I went out for ice cream, frozen yogurt, and saw some farm animals at a fair.

I continued to use my wheelchair when needed and recognized the beauty of being able to do more thanks to having a mobility device. I enjoyed conversations over phone calls, facetime, and even through zoom.

During July and early August, I danced in outreaches and spent a month writing in an online camp while taking a summer course.

I jumped in the pool (not normal for me) and laughed over the jokes and memories with family and friends. I played card games with friends, and was more social (even though I'm very introverted). Of course, I did take naps and took days to rest and recover.

Overall, it was a beautiful summer. There were times of severe pain, sadness, and hurt, but I discovered joy in the little things. The little things I considered to be fun adventures that I will remember. And I never thought of myself as a spontaneous sort of person. I usually want to know the plan at least two or more days in advance. I have been that way for years because of chronic pain. But, sometimes stepping outside of the normal and enjoying the moment, is wonderful.

So friend, my encouragement to you is to be adventurous. But, don't forget the sunblock. And maybe wear a hat and bring sunglasses. Especially if you are outside in 90-degree weather. ;)



P.S. I know that summer is over for most. But, the weather is sometimes unpredictable. And you can still be adventurous even when it's cold outside.

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