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To The One Who is Crying and Feels Alone

A few months ago, I wrote in my journal as a way to encourage a friend. I had planned to send it as an encouragement, or at least keep it as a reminder to the seasons of feeling depressed. But, similar to past years of writing, I didn't share it until now. As someone who has struggled with depression, writing down my thoughts has been a way to cope with the pain. There have been months of feeling alone, and then I would be reminded through a scripture, quote, or song, of the truth. The truth that Jesus has endured this suffering. The truth that we are never alone even if we feel alone. The truth that there are others that understand this isolation and sorrow.

That is why I decided to share what I wrote in my journal as a letter. "To the one who is crying and feels alone," this may be you today or in the past. No matter where you are in your journey, I hope these words will bring encouragement. Do not let depression steal away the purpose of your life and the joy you bring to others. You may not be able to see it at this moment. But, in time, it will get better.

Letter - To The One Who Is Crying and Feels Alone


I don't know your story and the struggles you are facing, but I know it's hard to walk through alone. You may be experiencing nights of tears as you try to sleep. It's okay to cry. What you are going through is something that many will understand.

These trials, pain, and suffering are what many of us feel we cannot endure. You may try to put on a brave face to the people you care most about. Maybe you don't want to burden them with the pain you are feeling. Instead of trying to explain, you just hold all of this sorrow inside.

But, to the one who is crying and feeling alone, friend, you are loved. You may not feel comforted in this moment or season, I encourage you though to look to one who is greater. To the one who has overcome this pain. Jesus, our savior, and friend, who died to save you. His love is greater than the sorrow.

Even if you are the one who is laying awake tonight and crying, His presence is still there. He is fighting for you.

And do not worry friend, for someday this sorrow too will pass. But, His love will never run dry.

Encouraging Music

May these songs encourage you just as they have for me. Listening to music has helped me through the hardest of seasons of depression. The lyrics from both of these pieces of music brings tears to my eyes, and then comfort like a blanket wrapped around my shoulders. It's a reminder that I'm not alone in the nights of the deepest of struggles.

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Catherine Thompson
Catherine Thompson
12 oct. 2021

I love this. <3

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