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Saying "No" During The Holiday Season - SawyerMarie

It's hard to say "no" in the holiday season.

If your youth group is having a Christmas party, how likely is it that you'd say no?

What if they also have a sign-up to make cookies for the party? And it feels like everyone else (or worse- nobody else) is signing up? How likely is it that you'd sign up too?

What if your friends wanted to have a gift exchange? Would you say no?

What if the ministry you help with is having a Christmas fundraiser and was asking you to run a booth? Would you say no?

And don't forget your church's Christmas play, and the Christmas Eve service you want to serve at, and the party at church for the elementary school students!

Oh, and you almost forgot- you have a Christmas recital in three days and have forgotten to practice your song.

Does this sound like you?

It sounds like me. You see, it's hard to say "No" when you want to participate in something. Before you know it- you're going to a party every night of December. You need to figure out gifts for five different gift exchanges: you're making six dozen cookies: and you're secretly wondering why you signed up for all this. *gasp*

But, other people seem excited to be busy with Christmas activities. So you keep pushing until you are at the edge of burnout.

Then once the holidays are over, you have regrets about how you spent it; you don't feel like you enjoyed it enough; you don’t feel the peace that the holiday should bring.

You aren't alone.

If you have underlying health problems that are causing your body to be at the edge of exhaustion, or you are simply overwhelmed and overbooked this holiday season, these tips are for YOU.

#1- Make a list of all the parties, practices and activities you want to participate in this holiday season and write down what you need to bring to each activity (i.e., gift, food, cookies)

#2- Now rate your list (#1 being the activity most important to you, and down the line)

#3- Go through the list with your calendar and figure out what day each activity is. (so you don't double or triple book!)

#4- Now be honest. How much can you handle and still enjoy the holidays? Some years it may be 15 activities, other years it can be 1. <3

#5- Important final step: If you need to, decline what you've been invited to that you have decided not to attend.

Now give yourself a hug. That was hard, wasn't it? Remember, saying no to these things will help you enjoy the holiday season. Saying "no" is an act of self-care, so you don't burn out.

But don't go to the polar opposite, don't say no to everything. We are made for community. So if you have health problems, or it's been a challenging year, it's okay if it's only 1 or 2 activities- even online! Or just with a close friend or two. But keep connected.

Take care of yourself.

You're so worth it.

SawyerMarie is a word-loving teenager, letter writer, future published author, big sister, reading nerd, history nerd, reader, INFJ personality, and a daughter of The King. Connect with her at her website to find Hope & Light through Jesus at: SundropGirls

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Diane Black
Diane Black
06 dic 2021

Great article and recommendations for maintaining sensible balance during overwhelming times. Thanks!

Me gusta
14 dic 2021
Contestando a

I'm so glad you liked it Diane! Hope all is going well for you.

Me gusta
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