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Looking Back At My Diagnosis

On March 6th of, 2018, I was a teenager that felt scared, devastated, and shocked when the specialist said it was CMT. At that exact moment, I was unsure of how to react. It was as if the words didn't process through my head until I left the medical office. That's when the tears fell, and I was left trying to figure out how to live with a progressive neuromuscular disease—something I didn't plan on facing.

During those first few months, I tried to put aside the worries for the future and focus on my high school graduation. In what typically is an anticipated season and milestone, I was going through chronic pain. And I didn't know how it would look five years later.

But here I am. It's been five years since I learned I have CMT. While it's not the official day I knew I had CMT, this date is still significant. And I felt led to share some of the blessings over the last five years.

  • I'm finding a purpose through my pain.

  • I am continuing to write, dance, and share my story.

  • I'm not as insecure about my disability

  • There has been support, encouragement, and meaningful conversations from family and friends.

  • I'm blessed with a community of other chronic illness warriors.

Lastly, if I were to write to that once newly diagnosed teenager, who felt scared, it would go along like this..

"It's going to get better. You may feel alone in this moment and for months, but you will find others who understand. You will be heard, seen, and loved. Don't worry about five years from now; yes, it will be hard. There will be tears. There will be deep pain, suffering, and changes. But soon enough, God will reveal His purpose for you. You will share your story. You will walk or roll in confidence because your faith is stronger than the pain.

Don't give up. Keep fighting, dreaming, and most of all, trust in God's plan."

That is my encouragement to you today! If you just received a diagnosis or are going through a painful season, know that it will get better. Maybe one day, God will do what you least suspect. He did that for me because five years ago, I never expected I would be sharing my story through writing.

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