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Letter To A Friend

Dear friend,

I know how hard it is to wait for a diagnosis—the uncertainty, tears, and feeling unsure if the symptoms are all in your head. I'm sure you are worn out, not just physically, but mentally, as each test results comes back negative.

I can imagine you just sitting in a cold waiting room, trying to fill out the extensive amounts of paperwork. All while praying for a doctor who finds some answers. Even if it means there is no cure. But, each time, it feels harder and harder to stay optimistic.

If I were with you, I would pull up a chair, listen, cry with you, and pray as you wait. I would hold your hand, just like others have done for me, to show support and compassion.

Whether or not you find a diagnosis today or five years from now, remember that there is someone who is always with you. Christ, our savior, and friend, is always there even when our health feels uncertain. He doesn't let you go through this painful journey alone.

So do not let others define your health journey. While it may be painful because of an illness or undiagnosed, for that matter, remember you are more than what is happening to your body. Even if the muscles weaken or the pain becomes unbearable, I encourage you to keep fighting.

And maybe, just one day, you too can encourage a friend suffering in a similar situation. Without the support of friends who relate to my chronic pain, it would become harder to keep moving forward.

For now, even though we may be distant, I will continue to pray.


Note: while I wrote this letter with a friend in mind, I hope this will encourage others. Not being diagnosed is a lot to handle. And no one should be going through this alone. I encourage you to reach out to those who are struggling with an unknown illness and be there as support.

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