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Hearing The Words "Me Too"

Recently I started struggling with painful memories. This has happened before. In the past, I would have brushed it aside or cried alone. Instead, I chose to confide in two close friends.

They listened intently and without any judgment. When I finally took a moment to breathe and pause, a friend of mine spoke up and said the familiar words, "me too."

Sometimes sharing is difficult. In the past, I would have been afraid that the friend might share it with another or judge me for feeling a certain way. But, when I have begun to build close friendships, those worries and negative thoughts have gone away.

When I hear the words me too, what comes to mind is that person can relate to my pain. They might not have experienced the same struggle, but they understand some of what I'm feeling. They listen and hear me without hesitation.

After that conversation with my friends, I heard those words again the following week. It reassured me that God is starting to place in my life a chance to heal emotionally. This is one of the greatest forms of healing that I can feel here on earth.

So, friend, look for those moments to have difficult conversations with close and trusted friends. You may never know how that will help you in the seasons of pain. You might even be surprised on how many times you hear "me too."


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