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Creating A Masterpiece

The other day I was hanging up a painting on my wall. The painting was acrylic, and on a medium-sized canvas, with beautiful vibrant colors. As I looked at the back, I noticed the year "2013" was written when I created this painting. The date has significance because it was the year some of my health struggles started. Not necessarily a year I want to remember.

Growing up, just as there was a love for dancing, I also loved creating drawings and paintings. This was one of the passions God has blessed me with. I would spend hours drawing pictures of tea cups, animals, flowers, or dancers. In those moments of making something new, I felt a sense of purpose.

But, even with all of the passions of creativity, there is still suffering. I know in my own life, there are struggles of pain and it brings challenges to follow my love of dance and art. There are moments I feel discouraged. I feel as if I have lost the ability to create a painting like the one from several years ago.

This happens because of the weaknesses in both hands. With the fatigue being constantly present, I'm unable to hold a brush for long periods. Even if I were to start painting it would take a lot of effort and focus to create something beautiful. This is how I felt a few years ago when my pain started to get worse.

Last year, I decided to try creating art again. I ended up making a painting of dancers. I spent days preparing beforehand by drawing out exactly what I wanted. However, when it came time to start painting, I felt saddened. Tears came in my eyes for creating art seemed different.

Instead of using art as a way to relax and distract me from pain, I felt worse. There was a sharp pain stinging in my hands, and my hands began to shake.

What uses to feel simple like holding a paintbrush became one of the hardest tasks to the painting. I knew the project would take longer than normal. So I spent a few days trying my best to finish the painting.

Are you wondering, why I'm sharing this with you? Why would I choose to bring up a beautiful memory of my love for art and then one that caused a great deal of pain? Wouldn't it be better to focus on the memories filled with joy than those of suffering? This is what I would be wondering if I were in your shoes.

I'm sharing this with you today because even though creating art can be a struggle, God is not finished yet. He is still working through me and making a more beautiful masterpiece than I can imagine.

This is what I believe He is doing for you too.


Friend, I know this journey may seem difficult. Living a life that unknown is difficult, but not impossible. Remember just as an artist uses brushes and a canvas to create a masterpiece, God is doing that through you. The process may seem long, but well worth it.

Remember no matter what the circumstance may be, you are not forgotten. Your life may feel empty, but in time the canvas will be filled with beautiful colors. He is still working through you today. You are part of God's masterpiece.

Reflection Questions:

When have you seen God use your life for a beautiful purpose?

What are some of your passions?

How can your creativity encourage others that are suffering?

Music. I haven't done this in a while, but I wanted to share a song that goes with my blog post today.

This is a song by Danny Gokey titled “Masterpiece.” It’s an encouraging message of God using the pain and suffering for a purpose.

Link to “Masterpiece."

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