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Life From A New Perspective

Have you felt limited by what you can do because of a chronic illness or some form of pain? I know like myself, many understand this struggle. Today, I want to share a little of my experiences with CMT.

For those who do not know, Charcot Marie Tooth disease (or CMT) is an inherited peripheral neuropathy that causes problems in the nerves, and muscle atrophy. One of the limitations of living with CMT is having difficulty walking on uneven grounds. So for almost three years, I have been unable to go to the beach.

Then a blessing came last week when I used a pathway meant for those in wheelchairs and some form of disability. And because how much this chronic illness has progressed, I have a wheelchair to use when needed. This has led to the freedom of being able to go to art galleries, stores, and other places that I would normally turn down. And for the first time in a few years, I was able to go to the beach. Isn't this amazing?

Let me take you back to the last time I went to the beach.

It was the summer of 2018, and I was spending most of the day with friends. I remember the pain of walking on the sand and then the nerve pain that surrounded my feet even when touching the cold water.

There was an extensive amount of walking from the parking lot to the beach, and then getting milkshakes. Several years ago, this would not have affected me, but just as I have grown older, my abilities have changed. From the combination of walking and being sunburned, I was in severe pain for several days. After that experience, going to the beach no longer felt possible.

That is until last week.

Seeing the ocean from a distance, felt peaceful and calming. I sat in my wheelchair for over an hour, just admiring the view. Although I was unable to touch the water, I still felt blessed for I could feel the cool breeze of being near the ocean. This is something I have missed.

Now, I'm living my life in a new perspective because of the freedom of using a wheelchair. This has helping me greatly because it's a tool to use when my body is feeling weak and tired. Though I have felt self-conscious in the past, I'm recognizing this is a gift from God. Without a wheelchair, I would not have been able to go to an art museum or the beach.

This is not something that is possible on my own. I'm blessed for those in my family and friends who have encouraged me, or offered to push me in this wheelchair. There are many in my life that are continuing to help me through these challenges and limitations I'm facing.


What I hope you take away from this post, is to remember you are capable of doing more then you realize. In the past, I would have told others "I'm not able to go to the beach." Now, I see the blessing of going in a different form. My prayer is God will lead you to opportunities you didn't believe were possible. Only our Father knows the journey you are on, and where He will be leading you towards next.

In a notebook, piece of paper, or even a sticky note, I encourage you to write down what you can do. After you finish, keep this piece of paper nearby, then it will be an encouraging reminder when you feel discouraged. You may feel surprised on the list you created, and the abilities you have even when there are limitations.

Question: How are you seeing God's blessings this week?

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Jun 02, 2021

Great post Katerina! I loved hearing how God made this possible for you. <3 Some blessings this week: church, being outside, and being with people. :D -Cat

Jun 02, 2021
Replying to

Thanks for sharing Cat!

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