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Keep Fighting On Friend

I know the journey is rough. The road ahead feels so long and uncertain when there are pain or health challenges. Maybe you are like me and had dreams far out of reach. Perhaps you thought college or even going into a career was impossible.

God can surprise us, though. I always thought I would finish college after four years, not five. I planned on going into education, not psychology, and I never thought I would pursue writing and share my testimony at speaking events.

I'm about to graduate from college, a dream I had since I was a young girl, but one I didn't think would happen. In the last few years, I have been fighting to make it through every semester because of the fatigue and pain. There were seasons I cried almost every night. There were seasons I felt self-conscious on campus. And I almost gave up. But, somehow, looking at the goal of one day helping children with illnesses made the pain worth it.

All of this would never happen if I gave up and if I didn't continue moving forward. So even when life feels like more than you can handle, don't stop fighting. Keep pressing on towards the dreams you have for the future. Because, friend, you are a fighter. You are stronger than you know.


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